Enquiries into design history, so far, have largely privileged European and North American cultural spheres, offering rich insights into design as both product and process and the contexts shaping both. Equally, studies in design history from other geographies are in a nascent stage and scholarly voices have been faint and the insights sparse.

These less-explored geographies share much in common. All of them have design traditions, often enduring over millennia.. More importantly for this conference, many regions within these geographies share a colonial past with important cultural dimensions for all the regions drawn into the vortex of the colonial order.

Among many possible ways of looking at this ongoing experience, the conference has chosen the lens of postcolonial perspectives. Postcolonialism has come to be a vexed term with different tonalities for different disciplines. But what could it mean for design and design history in all the regions brought together by the complex socio-economic, political and cultural order of the colonial project? This is what this conference seeks to explore. It hopes to provide a setting to amplify postcolonial design histories from global geographies. It is particularly keen to provide a forum for hitherto faint voices from the global south.

Key Dates
1 November 2012 : Call for papers
15 March 2013 : Deadline for abstracts ** Abstract submission is now closed **
15 January onwards: Peer review period
Early June 2013 : Notification of acceptance
30 June 2013 : Publication of Conference Programme
5-8 September 2013 : Conference

Suchitra Balasubrahmanyan, Ambedkar University, New Delhi
Tanishka Kachru, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

Language of Conference

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